Chinese New Year Performances

Chinese New Year has come again and our lion dance team are drumming up noise to welcome in the new year! Everybody is welcome to come and view one of our performances featuring our friendly lions, with some kung fu demonstrations as well.

Quanzhou 2011

Master James and a small group of students attended the 2011 International Shaolin Wuzuquan conference and competition in November. During this event, Master James was appointed as the twelfth President of the Federation, taking over from Master John Graham of the United States.

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Australia to attend 2011 International Shaolin Wuzuquan Conference

The Australian Team at the 2010 Opening Ceremony (Photo by Xuan Tran)The Australian Team at the 2010 Opening Ceremony (Photo by Xuan Tran)
Having only been given 3 months notice that the 2011 International Shaolin Wuzuquan Conference will be held in early November this year, Master James has only just confirmed that he will be in attendance.

Master James Featured in Blitz Magazine

The August edition of Blitz martial arts magazine features a great writeup about Master James.

The article, by Chelsea Attard, covers Master James' background, his training under Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong, and some of the more recent success stories from the 2010 China trip.

There are some great photos in the article, and senior instructor, Michael "Muscles" Fong, is also pictured demonstrating the strength of his stance (on one leg!) against a taekwondo beefcake.

Team Australia Featured in Sing Tao Chinese Newspaper

The successful Quanzhou 2010 Team has been featured in the Australian Chinese newspaper, Sing Tao. The article is in Chinese, and features a photo of the team with their medals.

Michael Fong Featured in Hills Shire Times

Everybody's favourite dentist and Friday night kung fu instructor, Michael Fong has been featured in the Hills Shire Times. Hills Shire Times' reporter, Brian Karlovsky, interviewed Michael following his recent return from the International Shaolin Wuzuquan Federation competition in Quanzhou, China.

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