Quanzhou 2011

Master James and a small group of students attended the 2011 International Shaolin Wuzuquan conference and competition in November. During this event, Master James was appointed as the twelfth President of the Federation, taking over from Master John Graham of the United States.

In brief:

  • Johnny, Jimmy, Ayano, Bruce and Alan competed in the competition. Johnny and Ayano both achieved first place in their respective divisions, whilst Jimmy received Gold, Bruce a silver and Alan (whose legs were sore from fighting Johnny the day before his comp) silver.
  • Johnny and Alan sparred in a demonstration fight - firstly full contact with gloves, then without. The Federation is likely to announce a limited contact sparring competition in 2012.
  • Master John Graham was awarded the rank of 10th duan.
  • The 2012 comp will likely be held in the first week of December.