Martial Arts

Wu Chu Chuan is comprised of the arts of five masters, or ancestors. The five foundation arts are:

  • Tat Choon or Bodhidharma - meditation and breathing techniques for the cultivation of internal energy
  • Lo Han - techniques based on dynamic body movement and correct posture
  • Tai Chor - named after the First Sung Emperor (Chao K'ang Yin) and emphasis accuracy and minimum effort
  • Peh Hok or White Crane - deceptive hand techniques based on the movements of the White Crane
  • Soon Heng Cheh or Monkey - agile footwork and relaxed hand technqiues based on the movements of the Monkey

Master James Chee, who was trained by his late father Grandmaster Dato Chee Kim Thong, teaches this unique art. The traditional methods of training are still adhered to, providing the student not only with an excellent means of self-defence, but also a solid workout and the health benefits related to training in the ancient arts of Shaolin.