Peter Chee

Peter is frequently recognised for his Iron Shirt techniques and Yang (hard) Qi Gong, and is known for his trustworthy, fun-loving and down to earth attitude. His character is well respected amongst all his peers.

Peter is thought of fondly as an Instructor, whom is devoted to teaching others, what Master James Chee has graciously taught him.

In 1999 Peter started learning Wu Chu Chuan at the Cabramatta class at the early age of 15. Peter has always been passionate about martial arts, and from then on dedicated his time to train under Master James Chee and his teachings.

Peter trained relentlessly to learn all that he could absorb about the art of Wu Chu Chuan. Through self discipline, devotion and perseverance, Peter’s level increased almost instantaneously, without his acknowledgement.

In year 2000, Peter trained extensively in Lion Dancing. Peter’s abilities shined when he picked up how to play the traditional drum, gong and symbol beats in less than a month. Peter was able to create more upbeat and modern versions, that he selflessly dedicates his time in teaching others. Additionally, Peter and his partner trained hard to perfect their Lion Dancing movements, jumps, angry jumps, walk and patterns. Peter has since become one of the most well known Lion Dance performers in Australia.

In 2003 Peter started training up to 5 days a wk, in the classes being held at Cabramatta, Beecroft and Baulkhim Hills. His efforts in training showed Master James Chee that he was ready to learn intensively under his teachings.

In 2004, 2006 and 2010, Peter competed in Quanzhou China, at the International Southern Shaolin Wu Zu Quan Federation Competition. Peter had won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for Sparring, Lohan/Northern and Tai Zu form that he had demonstrated.

In 2006, Peter was recognized for his Lion Dancing abilities and instrumental talent, and was honored with a scholarship from the Chinese Government to train advanced lion dance forms in Guangzhou China where he was accompanied by fellow Instructor Johnny Yap.

From 2006, Peter has been one of the main instructors for the Lion Dance classes, whereby he instructs on Wednesday and Saturdays at the Cabramatta Association, for all those students whom are willing to learn.

In 2007 Peter was honored with the opportunity to become an instructor. Peter takes this responsibility very seriously to ensure that his dependability and loyalty towards Master James Chee is never doubted.

Peter has attended all Qi Gong, Gan Yi and Rou Yi Qi Gong techniques seminars taught by Master James Chee, and studies these techniques intensely in hope that one day he too will be able to apply what has been shown to him.