Johnny Yap

Having only studied Wu Chu since 1998, Johnny progressed rapidly in the art by training consistently and regularly under the tuition of Master James Chee. Johnny has competed three times in the International Southern Shaolin Wu Zu Quan Federation tournaments in Quanzhou in 2004, 2006 and 2010, earning silver and gold prizes for his expertise in styles including the rare "bobcat" form and Chinese broadsword.

Johnny is an active participant and coordinator of lion dance training and performances across Sydney. In 2006, Johnny was one of only three Australians (another being fellow instructor, Peter Chee) to be awarded a scholarship from the Chinese Government to train advanced lion dance forms in Guangzhou.

Johnny has been teaching as an instructor since 2002 and can regularly be found at the Friday class in Baulkham Hills, Saturday class at Cabramatta class and Sunday class at Beecroft.

Johnny can be contacted via e-mail to