Charlee Nguyen

Nobody appreciates the value of hard work better than Charlee "Chucky" Nguyen, who has been training wuchuchuan kung fu under Master James Chee since 1999. Reknown for his solid build and balls of steel fortitude, Charlee's consistent training and practise have made him into a man that undisciplined children fear.

In addition to his wuchuchuan foundation, Charlee is well-versed in northern shaolin forms and techniques. Charlee is also fond of repeated drills of basic skills such as "knockarm", which develop strength and technique whilst conditioning the limbs for combat.

Underneath Charlee's take no prisoners exterior is a true gentleman. Charlee is exceedingly courteous and always remembers his friends birthdays. He also likes children, can iron clothes and is an expert user of ArchiCAD 15.