The History of International Shaolin Wu Chu Chuan Australia

While still training under his father’s guidance , Master James was encouraged to instruct and grade other students, not only in Malaysia, but also whilst accompanying his father on overseas trips (such as to the United Kingdom). Grandmaster Chee would constantly stress to Master James to closely follow each of his moves, and to keep the style in its original form, as one day Master James would be following his footsteps and become his successor of the Wu Chu art.

During this period of intensive training, a fellow disciple was sent by Grandmaster Chee to ask Master James to become a disciple of his father. Initially Master James was confused and did not understand why a father would want his son to become his disciple. Master James did not understand why the current father-son relationship should hinder the usual training of kung fu. Eventually Grandmaster Chee explained, “It does not matter that I am your father, and you are my son, but you must "Bai Si" (become a disciple) to be become part of the lineage of Shaolin kung fu, and you will also discover something later”. Master James was the first of Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong's sons to "Bai Si". In the later years Master James then started to understand the real reason of Bye See. As a disciple he was better able to be taught, and understand and absorb the kung fu, and as part of the lineage, was able to become the Master and preserve the art.

Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong seated centre front, with Master James Chee seated on his rightGrandmaster Chee Kim Thong seated centre front, with Master James Chee seated on his right