The History of International Shaolin Wu Chu Chuan Australia

Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong and Master James CheeGrandmaster Chee Kim Thong and Master James CheeBetween 1979 and 1982, Master James started to train Wu Chu intensively, and study traditional Chinese medicine from his father, Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong. The training undertaken during these four years was extremely intensive, with a minimum of ten hours dedicated to martial arts each day. Each morning, Grandmaster Chee would wake Master James up early, where he would then follow his father until late into the night.

Apart from training under Grandmaster Chee, Master James was also advised by his father to learn from the two senior disciples, Yap Cheng Hai (the eldest disciple) and Mah Chai Soon (affectionately known as the “Rubberman”). Grandmaster Chee advised Master James that these two senior disciples each had unique qualities and skills which would benefit Master James further. By the end of the four years, Master James had learnt over 100 forms.