The History of International Shaolin Wu Chu Chuan Australia

Wu Chu Chuan in Australia started off with a very humble beginning in the garage of a house. Class numbers were small back then, with only eight students, but did not take long to grow.

To understand the development of International Shaolin Wu Chu Chuan, Australia, we must first follow the history and story of our "Shifu", Master James Chee. Born 1959 in Malaysia, Master James is the sixth child in his family. Master James Chee started his kung fu training at the age of 10 in the art of Wu Chu. During the early years, Master James admitted training was not taken too seriously until the death of his fourth brother who was the most outstanding student amongst all of his father’s disciples.

Master James' fourth brother passed away in a traffic accident at the age of only 21, when Master James was 16. Seeing the great grief of his father for the loss of his brother, Master James committed to putting a more serious effort towards his martial arts training.