About Us

International Shaolin Wu Chu Chuan Australia (澳洲國際少林五祖拳) is a martial arts school based in Sydney, Australia. The school teaches a style of kung fu known as Wu Chu Chuan (also known as 五祖拳, Wu Zu Quan, Ngor Chor or in English, Five Ancestors' Fist) which originated in the southern Shaolin temple in Fujian, China.

Origin of Chee Kim Thong’s Wu Chu Chuan

Wu Chu Chuan is one of the martial arts disciplines originating from the Yuan Dynasty. Baik Yu-Feng, the son from a wealthy family, decided to renounce his worldly possessions and seek ordination in the Shaolin Temple. Baik, who was already skilled in many different styles of martial arts, saw that many who were trained in Shaolin skills had since left the temple.

Of significance was the “Eighteen Luohan” skills taught by Bodhidharma that had helped when China was in territorial disputes and wars. These skills were of help to Emperor Li Shi Min in the Tang Dynasty.

In order to not lose the seventy-two special skills of the Shaolin Temple, Baik Yu Feng invited the exponents who had since left the temple for a discussion as to how the Shaolin skills could be brought back to the Shaolin Temple.

Of importance are the advanced skills of five masters who excelled in “qi gong” and movement techniques which could be assembled to form a new and simple martial art and therefore the origin of the art of “Wu Chu Chuan” was born.